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Modern Versions Vs. The King James BibleThe Congregation of Grace Christian Fellowship stands firmly and supports the true Word of God, The King James Bible. To help you better understand why, we have compiled a series if services in audio format and Adobe .PDF document notes to go along with your own study. The computer only compact disc operates like a web browser, once you insert into your computer it will launch automatically. If you only wish to research the archives without the playable disc, please click the "Study Archive List for Modern Versions VS The King James Bible" button below. This will bring you to a table of contents page that you may print for your research.
Roman Catholic Series - Torn Between Religion and FaithThis series on Roman Catholicism is dedicated to Catholics who are seeking the Truth. It Will be eye opening as we examine the teachings of Rome in light of the Bible. As a former altar boy and graduate of Roman Catholic schooling I can speak from my own experience. When I came to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and began to see how my Catholic beliefs were in direct contradiction to God’s Word I was shocked and angry at being lied to by priests whom I had trusted. Salvation from sin is only through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Cross. No man made system of religion can provide sinful men salvation. Roman Catholicism is a man made system that denies the Lord Jesus and the Bible. It is my prayer that this series will open the hearts and minds of Roman Catholic people who are seeking the Truth.
Pastor John A. Ricci