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Assurance of SalvationJohn A. RicciA booklet explaining salvation by grace and the sufficiency of the Cross, in order that our brethren may have the peace that they are indeed heaven-bound.
Biblical SpiritualityJohn A. RicciA booklet on the concept of spirituality in the Bible. Pastor Ricci covers some of the widely varying views of the filling of the Spirit, and shows the simple, straightforward presentation of the spirituality of the believer, thus dispelling the confusion over this issue that is so prevalent in modern Christianity.
Preeminence of Christ: Scripture Comparison John A. Ricci and Louis E. DeBoerAn excerpt from the fifth chapter of the original publication. This booklet provides a verse-by-verse comparison of many vital scriptures, in which it is easy to see that the King James Bible is superior to the modern versions.
Rethinking ReboundJohn A. Ricci and Louis E. DeBoerOne of the most damaging misconceptions of the filling of the Spirit is the idea that a believer must “confess” his sins in order to “recover” his fellowship with God. This teaching is sometimes called “rebound” by its proponents, as it creates a back-and-forth relationship with God, in which the believer constantly bounces in and out of his fellowship with God. The believer’s access to his Heavenly Father becomes dependent on his continual efforts to confess all his sins. This booklet was written to deliver our brethren from this legalistic bondage.
Perspicuity of ScriptureLouis E. DeBoer A booklet defending the right of common Christians to come to their own spiritual convictions, without the interference of the “scholars” and “clergy.” The Bible itself declares that it was written for the common people to read and study for themselves.
Do All Speak with TonguesLouis E. DeBoerThe gift of tongues is one of the most controversial subjects in the Church today. Many believe that this gift has passed away and is no longer being used by God today. Many others in modern Christianity believe that this gift is still functioning and is in fact necessary as evidence of the Holy Spirit. And there are also the more extreme Pentecostal churches who even make it a requirement for evidence of salvation. But a careful, thorough examination of the gift of tongues in Scripture can only lead to the conclusion that this gift did indeed cease to function in the first century.
The Collection for the SaintsLouis E. DeBoerGiving is an important subject of the Word of God, and all God’s people are called to give generously and cheerfully. Yet no church has the right to require things of the people that God Himself does not require.